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Pickens Plan

In recent weeks, there has been an abundance of advertisements on television and extensive news coverage on a new energy plan. The plan called Pickens Plan was developed by businessman T.Boone Pickens, with a goal of reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.
The highlights of the plan include: creating new wind turbines that stretch all [...]

More Three Day Weekends?

Let’s face it, most all people love three day weekends. The thought of three days away from work for the most of us is always something to look forward to. If you agree with any of the above, then you may be in luck. A growing number of municipalities and private companies are pushing the [...]

Taking A Look At Algae to Fuel

The other night the History Channel was airing a special on global warming and pollution. In addition there was some information on some very interesting alternative energy sources that scientists and engineers have and are currently developing. On such thing is algae biofuel. Now some of the people reading this may think that this is [...]