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What A Busy Past 1.5 Weeks

Its been a while since I have posted on here and I apologise for not doing so. My life has been exceptionally busy between school and work, so I have had very limited free time to spare. I also told one of our other writers on the staff here Neena, to hold up on some [...]

GM’s Chevy Volt- Plug in Electric Car

Imagine driving a car that that uses an ordinary household outlet to charge it. This idea might sound different from what we usually think of as a power source that moves our vehicles; gasoline and diesel, but it is slowly catching on. One such electric powered vehicle that is being developed is the Chevy Volt.
The [...]

CFL Bulbs- The Low Energy, Power Saving Lightbulbs

Did you know that an ordinary Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb (CFL) priced at less than $2 dollars has the power to change the world? Most of us have seen the ‘energy saver’ ice cream cone spiral in hardware stores and other stores such as Walmart. Many of us may have dismissed CFL’s as just another marketing gimmick; but [...]