GM’s Chevy Volt- Plug in Electric Car

Imagine driving a car that that uses an ordinary household outlet to charge it. This idea might sound different from what we usually think of as a power source that moves our vehicles; gasoline and diesel, but it is slowly catching on. One such electric powered vehicle that is being developed is the Chevy Volt.

The Chevy Volt by General Motors is capable of driving up to forty miles on a single charge. This means that nearly three-fourths of all commuters who travel to work each day would be able to drive to their destination without using a single drop of gasoline. In the event that someone travels more than forty miles or they forget to charge their vehicle, there is no need to worry. The Volt is equipped with an on board generator that recharges the lithium-ion batteries by using either ethanol or gasoline.

If the electric vehicle technology like the Chevy Volt catches on, it would help our nation to reduce our oil consumption. In addition to this, our environment would see a drastic reduction in green house gases caused by the burning of fossil fuels in our vehicles.

The Chevy Volt is scheduled to hit the road in the year 2011. For further information on this new vehicles please check out the Volt’s webpage at

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I love the idea of the Volt. Personally I’ve been very frustrated with the pace of battery technology and developments over the last 20 years. Lithium ion batteries don’t appear to be the long term answer as they can only hold so much charge and cars need a ton of power to go long distances. Hopefully battery technology can improve and w/ lighter cars we can go 200 miles between charges - which in my mind is a tipping point to getting widespread acceptance for electric cars.

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