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To Become Greener and Cleaner; Los Angeles Seeks Solar

Los Angeles has always been associated with the glamor of Hollywood, the congestion of it’s roadways, and it’s less than perfect air quality. However within the next decade there may be one more thing that is associated with the city of Los Angeles, solar power.
Just last month the mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa announced [...]

Raising Gasoline Taxes to Control Consumption

Yesterday an article was written describing both the positive and negative impacts that the recent drop in gasoline prices can and might have on society. I’m glad that this particular article was published because just a few hours later one of our faithful readers here named Robert, sent us an email with his opinion on [...]

Paying Less for Gasoline Both Good and Bad?

Just a few months ago, gasoline prices were at a record high. Most people around this country were paying a minimum of $4 dollars a gallon for gas. Simply put, most Americans could not afford the prices they were being charged at the pumps. Now only four months later, most consumers can purchase gasoline for [...]