Paying Less for Gasoline Both Good and Bad?

Just a few months ago, gasoline prices were at a record high. Most people around this country were paying a minimum of $4 dollars a gallon for gas. Simply put, most Americans could not afford the prices they were being charged at the pumps. Now only four months later, most consumers can purchase gasoline for a mere $1.50 a gallon. This constitutes a significant price change compared to this past summer and gasoline now appears to many as a steal.  So this is great news correct?

Certainly, in a way it is. Many people who have been affected by the current economic recession that we are in can now breathe a little more easier because their expenses have essentially been reduced (by the decrease in gasoline prices). These monetary savings can then be re-directed towards other expenses that people must pay. This is a win-win situation for all.

Indeed, reducing the overall expenses by lowering fuel prices for consumers helps people in tough economic times like now. However, it may also lead to careless consumption of these commodities. This past summer brought forth many changes to Americans habits, specifically driving. For the first time in decades, Americans reduced their overall consumption of gasoline because they drove less. Public transportation saw tremendous growth in ridership levels. Along with this, the ideas of both conserving energy and developing alternative energy sources really took off as most Americans sincerely became interested in reducing their fuel consumption. But now with gasoline prices back down; there is the fear that people will start driving significantly more, they will choose to travel less on public transportation systems, and alternative energy ideas will be pushed aside as more important issues are addressed.

This is unquestionably one tough subject matter. It is only a matter of time before gasoline prices rise once again. The time is now to continue pushing forward these ideas about alternative energy sources, otherwise we will have not learned anything from the energy prices we payed only a short time ago.

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