Gas Tax Hike in Near Future

This weekend while I was sitting around and watching the news on television, I witnessed a few heated debates going on about the idea of raising the taxes on gasoline. This reminded me of a similar article that was previously written here on in which one of our readers expressed their opinions on what was needed to control the consumption of gasoline (due to the current prices of gasoline).

The news reports estimated that gasoline taxes could be raised on the order of around fifty-percent. Certainly this a substanial change, however if one looks deeper into the matter gasoline taxes have not been raised in a long time. This means our current taxes are out of date and are in much need of being updated.

As some of you may have already known, I am in strong favor of raising the tax gas. I realize our country as well as other places around the World are in an economic recession and the current cheapprice of gasoline is a sigh of relief for many. Nonetheless there has never been a better time over the past few years then now to implement such a plan. By raising the gas taxes, our country will be accomplishing two things at once. These are: changing the way Americans drive and generating additional revenue to repair our infrastructure which is in dire need of repair. 

I urge all of you out there to do whats right for your country. This is certainly one issue that goes beyond whether or not you vote for one party or the other. Get involved today and please contact the politicians working for you and tell them you are in favor of an increase in gasoline taxes.

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