State Incentives for Renewables

A little while back I came upon this very useful website that most of our readers (particularly those living in the United States) can benefit from. The website is called The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.Once on the website, consumers have the option of clicking on an interactive map of the United States which is broken down by state. By clicking on the state where the person searching the site resides, they can find information on tax breaks and rebates for purchasing renewable energy and improving energy efficiency.

These incentives are especially suitable for those considering purchasing such systems as photovoltaic solar panels because one can save a considerable amount of money by utilizing the available state grants. Of course these numbers differ by state and with many states in severe budget cuts, it would be advised to further look into these matters before making any decisions.

It just goes to show that by taking advantage of what is out there for the public to benefit from, these otherwise expensive systems cost less for the individual. For further details and information about the incentives found in your state, please check out DSIRE.

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