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Gas Tax Hike in Near Future

This weekend while I was sitting around and watching the news on television, I witnessed a few heated debates going on about the idea of raising the taxes on gasoline. This reminded me of a similar article that was previously written here on in which one of our readers expressed their opinions on what was [...]

State Incentives for Renewables

A little while back I came upon this very useful website that most of our readers (particularly those living in the United States) can benefit from. The website is called The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.Once on the website, consumers have the option of clicking on an interactive map of the United [...]

California High Speed Rail

When we often think about the topic of alternative energy, what comes to mind is a number of different ideas. These include: renewable energy sources (such as hydrogen, ethanol, wind, and solar), improvements in existing technologies (such as the gasoline powered automobile and obtaining better fuel efficiency with that particular model) and the creation of [...]